AC Repair

Did you know?

Why is the inside of your car SOOOO much hotter than the air temperature outside in the summer?  That’s easy…  It’s called the greenhouse effect!  Every object inside your car produces heat from the sun’s rays.  Even when it is a comfortable 70 degrees Fahrenheit outside, temperatures inside can reach over 100!


Still cruising town with your windows down?

So why are you still driving around town with your windows down?  It’s very hard to look put together while your hair is flying all over the place, ladies!  Stop in today at Mid MI Auto Service Center where our friendly and certified staff can diagnose your AC and get you rolling down the streets with your windows up!


What’s wrong?

The best ways to tell if you need to bring your vehicle in for an AC repair is:

  • If the AC air blows just a bit cooler than the air outside
  • Air that blows in smells like mildew, moist, or musty
  • The AC only works when driving, not when you are stopped or idling
  • At the highest setting, your vents do not put out much air


AC Repair Inspection

What does an in-depth inspection of your AC include?

  • Checking your interior and blower
  • Screening the compressor belt
  • Examining for cracks or additional damages
  • A system pressure examination
  • Contrasting the air conditioning pressure to producer specifications
  • Examining the air conditioning system for refrigerant leaks
  • Check the interior vent air temperature

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