Auto Glass


We service domestic and foreign vehicles for all your auto glass needs. Whether it needs to be repairs or replaced, our fast and accurate team can take the crack away from your day.

Should I Repair It?

Here are a couple reasons you should have your auto glass repaired right away:

  • Airbag: The airbag in your vehicle bounces off the glass before filling to protect you. If the window is weakened or damaged, the airbag may not fill, thus causing severe injury to you and your family
  • Crack: If you just have a small chip, it could become larger and crack, thus causing a more expensive full window fix. Some things that will worsen a chip are extreme temperatures of hot and cold and bumps in the road, which every Michigander knows we have a lot of all of these things.


Not only does a crack in your front windshield impair your driving visibility, but it also is annoying and can ruin your day. You may think it is not big deal to get it fixed right away, but if Michigan’s law enforcement team sees your cracked window, they could issue you a fine.

Rear Windshield

Unfortunately, a rear windshield generally cannot be repair, only replaced due to the nature of the product. Luckily, here at Mid Michigan Auto Service Center, your auto glass the replacement of a rear window doesn’t take too long and we can get you back on the road fast. 

Side Window

Driving with a damaged side window in extreme weather conditions and temperatures of Michigan can be darn right miserable. Side windows almost always need to be replaced but just like rear windshields, it doesn’t take long and we can get you back to your busy life fast.

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