Got Brakes?

Did you know that a driver who drives about 12,000 miles will use their brakes nearly 75,000 times?

Here at Mid MI Auto Service Center, we offer FREE brake inspections because your brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle and your safety is our main priority.

Do you notice any of these when you press your brakes?

  • High-pitch screeching
  • A low growling
  • The sound of grinding
  • The front end vibrating
  • The car pulling to one side
  • Slow to respond when pedal is pushed

If so, then schedule an appointment today to have one of our skilled professionals take a look at your brakes. Our Free brake inspection is a courtesy to our customers and neighbors to assure the safety of our community.

Brake For Fluid?

Do you regularly check your brake fluid? Many people don’t think about this as being important but it is vital to prevent unnecessary issues with your brake lines. Just like the engine of your car needs engine oil, so do your brakes. Over time, brake fluid changes and absorbs moisture, causing it to breakdown.

The cause of this breakdown could compromise your brake lines and we want to ensure that you and your family are safe.   It’s recommended to have your brake fluid changed every year or two,  for patency and quality of your brake fluid.

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