Transmission Repair

Have you been hearing unusual engine noises lately?  Having problems shifting gears?  Then you may have a transmission problem!  It doesn’t matter how simple or complex your Transmission Repair needs are, Mid MI Auto Service Center will handle the job in an honest and professional way.  We will do what is necessary to complete the job with quality service and save you money.


Why is a transmission important?

The transmission in your vehicle is responsible for transferring power from the engine to the drive wheels and also helps to accommodate a range of speeds.  So if you like your vehicle to get-up-and-go, you need to keep your transmission in tip-top shape!


Transmission Fluid Flush

No matter what make of vehicle you drive, preventative maintenance is important in caring for your transmission.  An easy way to prevent costly problems is to periodically have your transmission fluid changed.  Over time, old transmission fluid can become dirty and cause damage to your transmission.  We can replace the fluid to keep your transmission performing optimally!


Transmission Repairs and Rebuilds

Your vehicle was designed to shift effortlessly from gear to gear.  If it not, you better get it in to us to find out what the problem is!  We service cars, trucks, 4-wheel drive SUV and high performance vehicles.  We can help with:

  • Automatic Transmission Repair
  • Clutch Adjustment and Inspection
  • Manual Transmission Repair

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