Wheel Alignment

Michigan Potholes!

Welcome to Michigan roads! We have regular freeze-thaw cycles that wreak havoc. Water melts during the day and seeps into cracks in the roads only to freeze as the temperatures drop at night. Then the continuous pounding of the cars weight cause divots to form, allowing the asphalt to break into pieces. This forms a pothole! When you hit a pothole, you can cause your wheel alignment to become off balance making the handling of your vehicle more difficult.

So if you see a pothole, you should:

• Slow down
• Drive straight through the pothole
• If your vehicle shimmies or shakes after hitting the pothole, bring it to us for a quality inspection

Does your car need a Wheel Alignment?

Did you know that the average cost of just one tire can range from $50-$110, depending on the type of vehicle you drive? So why wouldn’t you take care of them? A Wheel Alignment can extend the normal wear of your tires.
How do you know if you need a Wheel Alignment?
• Your wheels are pulling strongly to one side, causing difficulty in vehicle handling
• You see uneven or abnormal tire wear

Wheel Alignment Benefits

A Wheel Alignment will save you money by:
• Cutting down on fuel costs because aligned wheels offer less resistance while traveling 
• Even wear on your tires, extending the life of your tire

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